Kevin specialises in conducting interviews of academics and making these available on the web. With a PhD in history, he is particularly comfortable with the humanities and has considerable experience interviewing social scientists. Clients include the universities of Brighton, Edinburgh, Kent and Sussex. See some examples below…

University of Brighton Humanities Core Courses & Options
Twelve short films were made for use on the online prospectus pages of the Humanities school at the University of Brighton. The remit required that they be simple talking-head style interviews in order to focus on the lecturers who teach, and the students who take, the courses. In this example, it was important to the school to stress the difference between a typical ‘intellectual history’ course available at other universities and the inter-disciplinary approach at Brighton:

ERC ‘STYLE’ Project
This example is one of many interviews recorded and edited for a large European Research Council-funded project on youth labour transitions across Europe. As well as asking researchers to outline the findings and impact of their research, it was also useful to demonstrate the reach of this research beyond the academic sphere. This example from Copenhagen shows that, in addition to the busy research teams, there are important civil society groups interested in the aims and outcomes of the STYLE project.

Archive Digitisation Project
This example introduces the “Observing the ’80s” project at the Mass-Observation Archive held at the University of Sussex. Another video was made to introduce Year 2 BA-History students to the Mass Observation Project. This was embedded within a moodle-based learning environment.

Ethnography @ Billingsgate Fish Market
This timelapse film was produced for Dr. Dawn Lyon, a sociologist at the University of Kent. The film was used for presentation at research seminars and on the blog,

ESRC Festival Seminar: What is Fair Pay?
This is one of a selection of themed interviews with speakers who presented at the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences held at the University of Brighton.

Seminar @ The Women’s Library, London
Here is an example from a set of films made for Brighton University, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Kent. Professors from the business schools at each of these universities ran an ESRC-funded series of seminars across the UK. The videos have been used to show just some of the current issues and debates on the future of retirement in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. They have been added to the seminar-series website,, so that viewers unable to attend the seminars can get a taste for current research – without having to sit through static recordings of the seminars themselves.